Still here, for now

This blog is not getting the attention it deserves. Being busy elsewhere in life and in coding.

So short sharp updates:

  • WordPress is still being used here, but I need to move away from it.
  • I coded an offline TV listings site – which is pretty good!
  • I coded a roleplay single page for work, though they are unlikely to use it.
  • Covid 19 idiots are everywhere.
  • Pyrography continues but won’t be posted here for now.
  • Pyrography machine broke…
  • I’ve set up a Linux server purely for my own use!
  • SSD PCs are bloody fast.
  • Sykes work from home employees complaints are still ignored(you really need to sort your shit out)
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Pyrography Gallery

Decided to put all images into a combined Gallery, link at the top of the page. But still playing with things as I don’t like how it’s displayed atm. More to come!

Latest uploads went to the collection with a boring name Others

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Migraines and tips

My son gets migraines, even more than I do. So the door hanger is specifically for him, hope he likes it. I think my failed cat keyrings just show how smooth I need things to get some can get an even burn.

I am now a proud owner of anvil. OK so it’s a mini anvil, but I have decided to try and make my own tips. First tester went well, and I now have can second shader. My coil though, well let’s just say it didn’t go well. I will have to practice that a lot to get it right.

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The keyrings arrived and other fun bits

So, the keyrings arrived. A problem has arisen, centering images is not easy. One of the cats is better than the other, but neither are great. I need practice.

The door hanger did not turn out as good as I wanted, at least this side of it, sadly. The main side is the Betty Boop from the other day.

I may do a series of mats with optical illusions, this was a quick tester, and seems ok. I have another to do so will see how I get on with it.

The Celtic Trivet was an interesting little project – and not planned. The design had been intended for something else but ended up being to short. Let’s just call it rustic.

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Marriage and cat

My first attempt at text, moderate success. It looks now I expected it to, but not quite how I wanted it to. So one important thing learned today, things have to be smoother so I need to sand more.

However the cat turned out exactly how I wanted, it that had been smooth it wouldn’t look right!

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Betty Boop

Betty Boop Door Hanger
Door Hanger

I purchased the Peter Child Pyrography Machine with some Amazon vouchers I was given. I started a test sheet, which I will play with in the coming months. However this was my first attempt of an actual item. mM friends daughter likes Betty Boop, so this seemed like an ideal one to start with.

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