The hamster configuration

The hamster is a local Mail and new server. You have thus thus its own new server on your PC. So that this server also functions now, here a kurzanleitung, since the assistance file and the translated version of this assistance file have to replace not really.
  • Download of the hamster (at present hamster13**.zip) of /
  • Unpack the Zip file into a file of your selection (with me more d:\programme\hamster\)
  • Reading hamster.hlp cannot harm! (Langenscheidt lay out)
  • Start hamsters through doubleclick on hamster.exe
With the first start of the hamster the Unterordner for the groups of new and - server, Mails and for the log files is created. First hamster.ini is available. If you should see the hamster not alike after the start, check times on the right down beside the clock in the Systray. Doubleclick to the Icon shows the hamster main window.
You should understand the following information as recommendation. I am not the inventor of the hamster, but would like for you only a helpful entrance for the use of the same to provide, because I as a good invention regard the hamster, which I would not like to missen personally no more. If you should not understand somewhat exactly, at any time the mailing list or the appropriate groups of new is to you for questions approximately around the hamster at the disposal. Please sends to me no support inquiries!

But now enough, loosely gehts...


Now it goes to the configuration: File /Configuration
TAB Newsserver:
Here the new servers belong entered, from which hamster the News is to get itself.


Click on ' ADDS ' and for example ', NNTP ' enter, to ' OK ONE '. (the format is important!) Several new servers can be selected, if should not be enough. Select on the right down still the Preferred post office server with ' SELECT '. If the same newsgroup is gotten by several servers, only the Preferred post office server is used for the post.
Under [ Settings ] there are still further options to adjustments this Servers.


TAB newsgroup:
Here only the local newsgroup of the hamster and later also the groups at the beginning of, which the hamster fetches from the different new servers, are.


Here you can create local group ' locally your own newsgroup also with ' ADDS, e.g. hamster test for testing, before you go into the far Usenet world. Over [ Settings ] you achieve further special adjustments for the respective groups.

Here the blue marked groups are local groups, i.e. they are not gepullt by a new server. If a group from ' News Pull ' is deleted, it is set automatically here on ' locally '.


TAB News Pulls: Here are later the newsgroup, which hamster is to pullen.
In addition must be gone however only to on-line ones, so that the hamster of the new server the list of the possible newsgroup can get itself. You achieve this after the first configuration of the hamster with 'online /all servers '. With ' ADDS ' the available groups are then displayed and can be selected. Several groups with a slide can be selected there, if one keeps [ the Strg] key pressed with the selection.


TAB Mailserver:
Here the servers are entered, which get to the Mail and transmit are necessary.


With POP click on ' ADDS ' and e.g.. ', pop3 ' enter. (post office input) with smtp click on ' ADDS ' and e.g.. ', smtp ' enter. (post office output) of right down still with ' SELECT ' the preferential Mailserver select, if several should be available. Only this server is then used to the Mails transmitting.


TAB password:
Here the passwords for the respective News and Mailserver are entered.


If a data-communications connection is created already, this here also emerges.

If the hamster is to later structure a data-communications connection by Script themselves, it is to be entered mandatory necessarily here again the user names and the password. The passwords are encoded and in the file ' password!!! ' in the hamster directory stored. Set passwords detects one then on { SET}, {set } behind the entry.

With the special password combinations ($1-$99) certain pairs of user/passwords can be created. This is particularly suitable for Scripte, since then users and password in the plain text do not have to be written there. (importantly for fetching from Mails from identical Mailservern!)


TAB Settings: Here different possibilities for the fine tuning are ordered.
Since this is very extensive, I put it on a new page as well as TAB local Servers. If your hamster with the ' on-line menus ' should operate, the Setting page is surely interesting for you. But ask only after the Erstkonfiguration!


TAB local accounts: Here several users for the server can be created.
I dedicated its own page to this topic, since this is not sooo very important nevertheless very extensively and for the first configuration. Here long: Account


TA TA LINE menucTa LINE menu:
Here you can arrange different groups, which you want with the Pull exclusive to use. In addition the hamster must be however already on-line, therefore a TCP/IP connection with your Provider must exist. Otherwise erhaelst you from the hamster an error message à la ' 10049 error in Api Connect '.


Give to the group thus a name (Title) and shift the possible servers with the arrow Buttons into the right window. Protect this configuration with ' save ' then. In the hamster you can select then in the on-line operation ' Online/1.T-Online ' and hamsters get then only from this arranged group of Mail and/or News.


Now there are two possibilities. Either one lets the hamster the data-communications connection construct automatically or one makes it for manuell.(haendisch):


Manually: Best one puts a linkage for data-communications connection on the Desktop, since one then through doubleclick on the Icon the connection construct can. click (in the Explorer the data-communications connection with the right mouse button, Vernuepfung create...)

If a data-communications connection is structured, one needs to only click in the hamster on-line/cAll Servers or another of the options in the menu ' on-line one '. Do not forget, the data-communications connection thereafter also again to caps! Your cash!

Automatically: But the hamster-own Script is meant ' demo default.hsc ' in the hamster directory. One edited thus this file z. ex. with note PAD and amends ' name OF race connection ' accurately in the ' names of the data-communications connection '. Absolutely consider thereby the accurate large and lower case!

<ras.dial ' '> name OF race connection"> T-Online PPP"> is called with me <ras.dial ' '>; Subsequently, still the file umbenennen(!) in ' default.hsc ' or a name of your selection with the ending * hsc. after a restart of the hamster then this Script appears also in the ' Script menu '. You find a detailed assertion to the possibilities of automation with the Hamsterscripten.


Finally on-line one goes...
After a restart of the hamster automatically the data-communications connection can be clicked and closes it after getaner work again in the hamster on ' Script / default.hsc ' and the hamsters starts, if your Script were created correctly. You have the possibility of creating several * to hsc Scripte which appear then all in the menu to ' Script ', if the Scripte is situated in the hamster directory. No fear, the Scripte are actually quite simple.
If you do not know yet, how a data-communications connection can be created particularly to T-Online, I recommend the following reading to you:!
Now must be gone the first times on-line, so that the hamster the group list new newsservers get itself can. On-line/cAll Servers (Mail & News) to subscribing newsgroup goes it afterwards to TAB News Pulls with one clicks on ' ADDS ' can you now your newsgroup subscribe. At the same time these groups are now also contained in TAB newsgroup and can be subscribed by your newsreader, if this is correctly configured. Newsreader configuration
A possibility for automation is the use of Scripten. In addition the following Beispielscripte is situated ready in the hamster directory: Demo Session.vbs in connection with the Windows Scripting host, Windows-Scripting-Host, and demo (Perl Script). The respective examples must be still edited, can then however into the task planner with be included to fetch around completely independently after schedule News and Mails or to posts.

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