Tools for the hamster

Meanwhile are occupied increasingly ever more people with the hamster and programmed also own software for interaction with the hamster. On this page here now the information is to be collected.

Even if you can contribute thus still somewhat to it, send to me calmly a Mail.

Heiko rust published on its homepage some small Tools, which appear quite useful.

HamScore : With this program the Scorefile with the current volume of data can be tested. Particularly helpfully, if one is not so quite safe with new entries, what will really kill now everything.

HamGroup : A list with on all Pull servers available groups is created and after hamster.misc gepostet. A simple way, in order the users in the LAN the groups admits to make.

MiniOle : Extends the Windows Scripting language by several functions.

Homepage and Download: currently unavailable


On the homepage von Juergen send I a Tool named Oxfix found, which works the headers over again of new articles in the News.Out and of Mails in the file Mail.Out of the hamster. One can use that in order to enter own header lines, which the newsreader cannot make available, which reasons also always. (x-PGP-Sig...) actually the Tool was developed for the recovery of Outlook of express bug, is suitable in addition, with the use every other newsreader.


There a Tool is likewise named HamCrypt, which serves the encoding of News and Mails. From the Readme:

The call of oxfix or hamcrypt can occur manually or within a Scripts. Simply at the start of a Hamsterscripts insert the following line: [ execute(" oxfix.exe ") ] or a VBS Scripts: [ (" d:\programme\hamster\oxfix.exe ") ], then is executed automatically oxfix before transmitting.

Starting from version 2.51 Oxfix is available with identical function range also in the VBS Script conversion of Wolfgang Jaeth.

Homepage: http://rz /
Download: (version 2.52 Win application 262 kB)
Download: (version 2.51 VB Script for WSH 15 kB)
Download: (version 1.00 Win/Dos application 254 KB)

Hendrik Friedel wrote a small program, which notices automatically, if one goes to on-line and then etc. recalls Mails. If it is called manually, it, whether a connection exists, tests selects (if necessarily) get/sends May LS/CEms and selects off (if it selected beforehand).

Homepage: /

Thomas's G. Liesner Tools wrote, which following things to complete:




Download From:

Wolfgang Krietsch likewise wrote a small Freeware Tool for the hamster. It offers:

It is attached to the Zip an English Readme, the program is however actually self-describing.

Download from: /

From József June the following Tools comes:


Thus not even become special must check the user from Novell Netware by means of a Popup window informed about new Mails and to be able the Mails to then fetch with a Mailclient with the hamster.

CheckMailIn CheckMailOut

Download: (163 kB)
Download: (234 kB)
Download: (208 kB)
Homepage: is currently unavailable, when I find the new site I will amend the links.

From Alex Ebner comes the following Tool:

Hamster cage starts News and Mail Threads after given times or after a determined time again and again (COUNT down).

Download: (~240 kB)

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