The hamster as such

An industrious rodent, which collects News. A simple, but reliable friend of the species homo newsgroupia extensis. One knows animals of this kind also under the name ' local news server ' .
There are also under Windows many further programs of this type, but those are after my experiences either too extensively, too susceptibly, too much in the system merged or simply inadequately expensive.

Although Juergen Haible calls the program still beta, it runs after my experiences very stably and is constantly developed further. At present the program is Freeware.

A further Installationsanstallationsanleitung adapted to OE user is with Michael Gebert .

News hamster can:

News hamster cannot:
Risks and side effects:
The hamster makes addicted. The hamster can lead to the fact that humans try unrestrainedly different newsreader out. The hamster lets doubt once more whether Microsoft would like to compile really good solutions for News.
The hamster shows impressively that good programs can be created also by ' loners '.

Necessary adjustments for OE5

Around OE5 with the hamster to connect fogende adjustments are necessary:
New new discount payment create:

Extras| Konten| Again
Under general give a name to the future server (e.g. hamsters).
Under the register card servers for the server name simply ' local host ' enter (without quotes).
All other adjustments can remain with the factory-installed default values.
War's for the account.
In the future News of this, your quite private server is in the OE in the department.

Adjustments in the Internet options under IE5 (or system control):

If humans want to connect themselves now with this server, OE normally maekelt with error messages. Thus off into the Internet options and there under

Connections [ a connection do not select ] mark.

Now it should be possible to achieve the newsgroup loaded with the hamster. Transfer of the newsgroup list, subscribing newsgroup etc. functions exactly the same as with every other server.

Consider please: If a normal connection to the network is to be repaired over OE5 or IE5, please to reset.
This can be simplified over a Verknuefung of the Internet options in the task border.


Signature correction and more of Juergen send

Owing to the cleared up post office output file it offers itself to complete the necessary corrections here. The advantage consists of the fact that it is not necessary to compress beforehand the OE Ausgangsfolder.

Download of oxfix

The following completes this small fine meanwhile several times improved Tool:

Version 2.51 / date: 1999/12/07

- optional deletion of undesired header lines (excluded all header lines, after the valid RFC's were needed for the safe Mail/News feed)

- optional correction of the "content transfer Encoding: " Header line of 7Bit on 8Bit (OE)

- optional header line-makeup during exceeding that max. Length of 1000 characters per line

- detecting starting from hamster the Vr. 1,3,8,0 made up ' Received: ' Header line and consideration its the handling of this line

- optionally Envelope From address of outgoing Mail Messages in an own E-Mail address of the service tenderer GMX determine

Version 2.50 / date: 1999/11/12

- extension of the INI file around new paragraph and Parameter, as well as partial extension of the past Parameter around additional options

- optional production of the References Headerzeile E-Mail-Messages if a ' in-Reply-to: ' Header line is available

- optional adding of a blank line to the Messageende

- Tool oxfix now also in a VB Script version for the Windows Scripting host available

Version 2.02 / date: 1999/11/08

- correction of the Message ID Headerzeile (OE4)

- optional by new INI file parameter pre-setable: Production of the in-Reply-to-Headerzeile with e-Mail-Messages if a ' References: ' Header line is available

Version 2.01 / date: 1999/10/29

- correction of incorrect signature disconnecting switches (OE)

- distance of unnecessary blank lines at the message end (OE)

- new setting of the DATE header line on current date/time of day

- generation of the Path Headerzeile with newsgroup Messages, if the Message ID is locally produced

- optical correction of the content type header line (OE)

- distance of available ' X - ' header lines, optionally:

- Add own any ' X - ' header lines alternatively in Mails, News or both definable in the Script - optional by INI file parameter pre-setable: Adjustment of date/time of day/host (OE4) or distance of the Received Headerzeile with e-Mail-Messages path specification of the hamsters News and/or Mail Out of directories relative to hamster root specification of the file name extensions of outgoing Mail mail and/or News Hamsterdateien alternatively execution of the Patches with Mails, News or both.


Source of supply and Mailinglist

http://home.t-online.de/home/juergen.haible here is in each case the newest version of the program, as well as the possibility of an entry into the Mailinglist. My judgement is worthwhile itself the Mitlesen.

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