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The reasons for this web page

These pages developed, because questions were asked again and again to the Erstkonfiguration of the hamster and the use with the various new readers. My pages are to thus facilitate the first going attempts and give tips for configuration. NOTE! Hamster is still beta!

Follow now some left to pages, which with the configuration the newsreader is occupied or likewise the topic ' hamster ' has:

Further sources of information

To the hamster several mailing lists exist, in which further questions can be asked, if they concern also the hamster and its use. Otherwise RTFM.

Log-on in each case by Mail on:

Log-on on the web page:

A file of the German mailing list (starting from 23.04.1999) offers Ulrich F.Heidenreich on its homepage for the Download. http://home.wtal.de/ufh/hamarch /

Hamster is a server, thus depending upon problem area more news:de.comm.software.newsserver or more news:de.comm.software.mailserver subscribes. At present (17.10.99) even is tried to spendieren the hamster in the Usenet a more suitable group. See times whether it folds.

Questions to the new readers are answered in the following newsgroup:
news:microsoft.public.de.german.inetexplorer.ie5.outlookexpress for OE
news:de.comm.software.forte agent for the agent
more news:de.comm.software.newsreader for all other newsreader

Into the internal T-Online - Online Newsgruppen are answered likewise gladly questions, if they are located in the reference to T-Online:

For the newsreader and the hamster: news:t more online.programme.newsreader in news:t online.talk.usenet fit the questions also, if they are not located directly in the reference to T-Online.

Comments, suggestions and Blafasel

This homepage resulted from the many assistance calls in the News. Please it understands that I cannot take responsibility for false configurations.

Otherwise I am for each type of suggestions and also criticism open to thus do it contentwise with these homepage have.

Mail: mailto:m.gebert@gmx.net

My thanks for the assistance and support for the creation of these homepage concern:

Heiko Moeller, Michael sounding hatchet, Henrik Reimers, Juergen Denzler, Juergen send, Wolfgang Jaeth... and naturally also to Juergen Haible and many anonymous ones.

  1. I always am on the search for relevant homepage. If thus a page found you, which itself busily with the hamster and here yet linked is not, mailt me.
  2. Likewise I always am on the search for Scripten for the Scriptarchiv. If you should have thus a Script, which is not yet in the Scriptarchiv and you the opinion are, it belongs there, mailt me.
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Copyright? Klaro! To that link to this page may, can and should be spread further naturally. Contents however cost to much time and expenditure me, so which I am not friendly gesinnt Schmarotzertum! I hope for your understanding for it.
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